The Craziest Things To Happen As A Result Of “Pokemon Go”

Photo via Niantic

From a birth to an armed robbery and a dead body

If you've retreated from civilization and are just now returning, you may have noticed that just about everyone has been staring down at their phones. Of course, that's not so much a new occurrence as it is a byproduct of our digitally minded society. Nonetheless, the percentage of those engrossed in their phones while accidentally walking into traffic, boarding the wrong trains, and tripping over UPS packages in the doorways to their homes has dramatically increased. Has some sort of strange sci-fi plot taken over real life? Has FaceTiming actually become the massive domestic success that Apple always hoped it would be? you wonder. As hard as you may guess, the reason is actually even more strange than you could imagine. Everyone's catching Pokemon. 

It's not really a surprise that "Pokemon Go" is a social phenomenon. Not only is it rooted in nostalgia, but it's also a nod to a game that was very much about collecting things (namely, paper cards typically held in binders). It also manages to merge reality and virtual life in a compact, highly accessible form. What is surprising, though, is its unprecedented success. It's been less than a week since the platform launched, and it has already increased Nintendo's stock by $9 billion and caused a whole bunch of strange stuff to happen. 

The world feels like it's falling apart, and while we desperately try to repair it, we're also temporarily escaping from it all by running around and catching computerized creatures. And if that doesn't sound crazy enough for you, look ahead to the gallery to hear about the weird stuff that's happened in the first week since "Pokemon Go" infected our phones and started sucking up all of our data.

photo via Imgur

Man Plays Pokémon Go While Wife Gives Birth
They say that major life events pop up at the worst times. So when a Pidgey popped up on Jonathan Theriot's wife's hospital bed when she was giving birth to their child, he decided to take a snap and catch 'em. He then uploaded the picture to Imgur, where it went viral. "She wasn’t mad at all," Theriot told Buzzfeed. "She just kind of laughed at it. It was primarily an eye roll once she realized what I was doing.”