5 Beautiful Ways To Smoke Pot In Style


+ meet the people making the prettiest bowls

Widespread marijuana legalization coupled with an increasingly desensitized social stigma (I’d personally like to thank the patron saint of glamorous leisure, Rihanna, among others), undoubtedly contributed to an increase in the variety of smoking devices. We are past the days of being forced to smoke from something resembling a balloon animal or getting lumped into a category of humans regularly zoning out hard on a black velvet, blacklight Bob Marley poster. To accommodate this new visibility of people who get high but have taste — and don’t use said indulgence to define themselves — commerce had to keep up. Getting high is just as important of a wind-down ritual as drinking a good glass of Malbec. Here we profiled a handful of shops and designers adding style so when you light up, you can look like the goddamned classy adult you are.

Photo by Charlie Schuck

New York, New York and Los Angeles, California

Online brand Tetra has been an indisputable catalyst in pioneering a brave new world of bowls that don’t beg Spencer’s Gifts nostalgia. Instead, Tetra offers a muted porcelain one-hitter along with a sleek marble pipe. Started by three friends with branding and curatorial backgrounds, they saw a hole in the market and sought to fill it — fashionably and immediately. Though co-creator Eviana Hartman says she doubts options outside Tetra’s handpicked offerings will remain slim for long.“[Smoking] has been a ritual in many cultures since ancient times and I think it’s valuable because it forces you to focus on your breath,” she says. “It’s almost like social yoga in a way—an antidote to the technology overload that everyone is experiencing right now. It's an opportunity to indulge the senses and a way of telling people to slow down.” Namaste — for real.