10 Ways To Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

Collage Photo via Getty Images

It’s the most autumnal time of the year

It has recently come to my attention that it is Pumpkin Spice Latte season. Like the Macy's ownership of Thanksgiving Day, what was once known as fall/autumn has been usurped by capitalism and used to corral us sheeple into quasi-quaint coffee shops to sip sugary caffeinated drinks. Obviously, there is a hashtag involved, too. Life is truly so predictable and strange, just like Valentine's Day decorations flooding supermarket shelves in December. 

This year, spice up your life a little more. Like, really go hard in that PSL paint because the day is today and the hour is now. Carpe that PSL diem, you fall fanatics, you awesome autumnals. Sip your hot drink while rocking your PSL shoes and wafting your personal PSL BO. You, dear reader, deserve to relish in every second of your pumpkin spice life and should feel proud, sincere, and loved. This season isn't for Instagram, it's for you on Instagram. Take note of the 10 products ahead to make your PSL fantasy a reality. But, first? Coffee... that is pumpkin spiced.

Sure, you may talk a lot of talk about how awesome pumpkin spice is, but do you walk the talk? Beginning October 21, when these shoes hit the market, you can.

Saucony, Saucony Originals “Pumpkin Spice” Grid SD, Price TBD, available at Saucony beginning October 21.