Quiet Slang Takes Us To A Place Where “The Gutter Bangs Into The Stars”

Photo by Charlie Lowe

TFW Beach Slang takes it down a notch (or three)

Beach Slang have fashioned themselves a career based on raucous performances and lots and lots of noise. They're loud and unabashedly so. They are what gives festivals like SXSW a feeling of vitality. This year, though, Beach Slang dropped in with just its frontman, James Alex.

Working under the moniker of Quiet Slang, Alex brought the magic of Beach Slang's Tiny Desk concert for NPR to Austin, through stripped-back performances and an ease foreign to fans of Beach Slang. It's a radical thing to do, but artists work in mysterious, unexpected ways. Here, Alex takes us into his world, one that's loud but swiftly beginning to embrace the silence between songs.

Everything Matters But No One Is Listening drops May 18 via Polyvinyl Record Co.

Photo by Charlie Lowe

Airport to Uber to... hotel bed.