Reformation Threw A Wedding To Debut New Bridal Styles


We were one happy guest

As I walked into Manhattan's Kola House on Wednesday evening, on the first official day of the biannual Bridal Fashion Week, to get a first look at Reformation's new summer wedding collection, I was immediately struck by the absence of models, mannequins, or racks of any kind showcasing the new clothing I'd come to peek at. In fact, it felt more like I'd entered a fashionably attired cocktail party instead of a preview. As I made my way to the bar, trying to find my bearings, I finally noticed a bride donning a veil and a stunning v-neck, floor-length wrap dress with delicately fluttering kimono sleeves as she stood sipping on a cocktail. As I zoomed in on her, I realized that she was accompanied by another bride, as well as six bridesmaids, all of whom I failed to notice as they seamlessly blended with the attendees in moving around, drinking cocktails, and talking to each other. It was then that I realized I had walked into a full-blown staged wedding reception; what followed the cocktail hour was a seated dinner, live band, dancing, cake cutting, and a bouquet toss that we all participated in.

Such an atypical presentation is not that surprising coming from Reformation, the cult-favorite brand that's always set the standard for what's cool and ahead of its time in bridal. Ever since the sustainable brand first ventured into wedding wear, it has disrupted the oftentimes stuffy industry in the best way possible, putting out the dreamiest frocks and the sexiest bridesmaid dresses, ones your girlfriends will actually want to wear—and all at relatively affordable prices. The new collection did not disappoint, debuting two traditional-leaning bridal dresses (the traditional being that they are white, not to be confused with run-of-mill, which they are anything but) and five colorful styles perfect for a bridesmaid or a bride not afraid to break "the rules."

We are personally partial to the Winslow, the aforementioned white wrap dress that I first spotted on the model, and Thistle, an open-back, floor-length fiery red gown that will make your emoji dancer dreams come true. The Callalily, a high-slit, low v-neck gown, is bound to become the best-seller among the bridal and non-wedding crowds—in fact, it's already waitlisted—and the impossibly sexy and elegant Iris, a silky slip with a high slit and a belted waist, is the sartorial answer to any black tie function you may have the summer.

In case you're wondering, according to our thank-you note, we got the happy brides a KitchenAid. Like bride and bridesmaids, I guess, Reformation's guests have great taste.

The styles, ranging from $268 to $488, are available for pre-order now and will drop in stores and online on Thursday. Check out all the dresses in the gallery below.

Photo courtesy of Reformation

Reformation, Callalily Dress, $428, available at Reformation.