Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Relationship


Picks for each level of commitment

If you've been questioning your relationship status longer than you've spent looking for a Valentine's Day gift, fear not. V-Day is on Tuesday, which means you have the entire weekend to shop. As for concerns regarding your relationship status, we get that, too. After all, how long you've been together can be a major factor in the gift you will end up getting, or even if you will get one in the first place. Whether it's your first date on February 14 (which is a bold move, but, as we've been told time and time again, fortune favors the bold), first one in your third decade of being together, or somewhere in between, we've got 33 perfect gifts for your bae.

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You just started seeing each other sorta, maybe, hopefully seriously (at least seriously enough that you're contemplating getting them a small trinket). Or maybe it's just that you simply enjoy each other's company enough to commit to a fifth date. Great! You will want to stay on the side of humorous—be that because you're not certain where this is heading, or because you think they are not certain about you yet—or get something that you both can enjoy, masking the gift as Date 2.0.

The Good Twin, I Like You Card, $5, available at

For when you just started to be "in like" with someone and want to let them know.