Watch Men Recreate Rihanna’s Body Lava Demo Video

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Photo vis @fentybeauty/Twitter; @JoeyGentile1992/Twitter

Beauty tutorials are made better when Rihanna's involved. That is fact. Who needs expensive lighting, glam rooms, and perfectly applied swatches when Rih plops herself in front of a single ring light and uses the hands-free Instagram Story mode for a cute 15 seconds? We love beauty on a dime! Case in point: Rihanna's unveiling of her latest Fenty Beauty must-have, the "body luminizer," better known as Body Lava.

Rihanna shared the video, debuting the all-over highlighter and a new kabuki brush, a little over two weeks ago. It's an effortless piece of beauty content, frill- and phuck-free. Ever since, people have been getting creative on the internet, recreating the vibe using products that are decidedly not the $59 Body Lava and $34 brush. From pink shaving cream to ketchup to Lush products to, uh, laundry detergent and giant brooms, men (and a few women!) have been flexing their own takes on Rih's unfiltered beauty demos to wholesome, feel-good effect. A pop of the shoulder, a flirty vibe, and some viscous liquid and you, too, can live that fantasy. 

Try it with condiments and lunch.

Try it with oil, laundry detergent, and a Q-tip.

Or go more traditional and use lotion but make it fashion by using a house broom.

The opportunities are endless—just look at this guy who "body lava'd" both shoulders.

Now, if anyone has tips on how to keep your bed from turning into a Body Lava pit, please share.