Rituel De Fille Just Won Holiday Beauty With This Celestial New Launch

    Meet the constellation-inspired collection

    by · November 13, 2017

    Photo courtesy of Rituel De Fille

    If you thought Rituel De Fille, the beauty brand responsible for the “anti-highlighter” and an eerily beautiful-but-dark collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe, wouldn’t be one to hop on the sparkly holiday beauty train, think again while you get a load of its latest: the Celestial Sphere Eye Soot. These glimmery new pigments perfectly encapsulate a heavenly winter wonderland in each tiny pot, and, yes, they’re pure magic.

    The collection consists of three new shades that are inspired by different constellations: Ara, an iridescent rose with a gold shift named after the altar constellation; Lyra, an extremely dimensional iridescent white with subtle hints of violet, gold, and aqua named for the harp constellation; and Pyxis, a blue-shifting shimmery aqua named after the compass constellation.

    If you’re already familiar with RDF’s Ash & Ember Eye Soots, be prepared for something a little different (and, in my opinion, even better). This new formula is more of a gelée than a cream, leaving behind a glossy finish that’s packed with pigment with every swipe.

    The formula is also all-purpose. The founding sisters explained to me that since the base color of each formula is clear, these make for the perfect otherworldly lip topper, no matter how light or dark the shade, and can intensify your highlight in the most breathtaking way. Overall, these new beauties are here to create the ethereal party look you’ve always dreamed of, just in time for the slew of holiday parties just around the corner. (Not to mention, they’re the perfect stocking stuffers for all your astrology-obsessed friends.)

    And, as always, the products are created with minimal and clean ingredients and are cruelty-free, so you can feel as divine as you look. Celestial Sphere Eye Soots are available now for $38 a pop, or $100 for the set of all three at RituelDeFille.com. Below, take a closer look at each new shade.

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