12 Red-Hot Rubies Perfect For July Birthdays


Or, really, anyone that loves fiery gems

It’s finally July! And, with its fireworks, barbecues, and sweltering heat comes a brand new birthstone to rule the month: the red-hot ruby.

Considering that July is one of the hottest months of the year, it’s really no surprise that its ruling stone be as fiery as the temperatures outside, In fact, the ruby has long symbolized the sun, representing its inextinguishable flame with a vibrant, flame-tinged hue.

Much like the summer tends to breathe new life back into us, the ruby is known to stimulate its wearers' base chakras, increasing vitality and life-force energy throughout the physical and spiritual body. Not only is the gem said to promote motivation and concentration, but it also evokes a sense of power and confidence within its wearer like no other stone. Oh, and it’s also an aphrodisiac, so if you’re looking to call in some summer fun, well, here you go.

Whether you’re a Cancer or Leo born under the July sun or simply are looking to channel some passionate, vivacious summer energy, we rounded up 12 pieces of ruby jewelry you’ll want to wear all season long—and beyond. Check out our picks, below.

Photo courtesy of J. Luu

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