How to Seduce a Gemini

illustrated by Liz Riccardi

How to lock down the Twins

Lock your gaze with Gemini’s trademark crystalline eyes and you’ll know—the bright, incandescent light behind those sparkling eyes is their genuine sense of curiosity. The action never stops with these chatty, sharp-witted air signs, notorious for collecting suitors and admirers who’d gladly drop all the trappings of everyday life to follow the sprightly Pied Piper of Good Times.

But falling for someone born under the dualistic sign of the Twins is like chasing fireflies; one second, your boo is buzzing, aglow with energy, illuminating your path with sweet kisses and come-ons. But then, poof, the lights go out and you’re left alone on a cold trail with nada, no sign of intelligent life. Flexible, fickle, and deeply impulsive, the path to Gemini’s heart is a rocky road to ride (actually, it’s more of a trip). You need to love a good puzzle and possess patience by the pound, but those that are strong and smart enough to handle these dynamic little orbs of energy, mischief, and glitter are rewarded tenfold in spicy adventures and transcendent, mind-expanding experiences—just don’t get too comfortable in one position. Timing is everything with Gemini, the zodiac’s most challenging, spirited lover, so buckle up and read on before attempting to tame these Twins.

Dating & Hooking Up: the Gemini Approach

Notorious for being the confirmed lifelong players of the zodiac, Gemini is not one to commit to cuffing anyone quickly, despite what you may think you have to offer—star access, cash, intrigue, you name it. The truth is, while these mutable air signs do love to be impressed with the exotic and exciting in their romantic lives, they could outthink circles around you (or anyone, really), strategizing the most fluid path to achieving exactly what they want while maintaining their definition of utmost personal freedom, which can change by the hour (like everything else about them). But once in a blue moon, someone enters the scene whose spark for adventure and competitive fire matches these effervescent chameleons’, and the vibe is born.

But don’t be discouraged—it takes the energy of multiple people to match one Gemini’s zesty personality, a primary reason why these signs hardly ever mess with just one person at any given time. And just because you can’t guarantee you’ll be able to put a ring on your Gemini’s finger doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Trust, the Twins won’t let dreary thoughts of commitment weigh down a good time, so go with the flow and whatever you do, don’t try to harness this pony.

Catching—and keeping—Gemini’s attention is usually the most challenging aspect to getting closer once they’ve caught your eye. Typically, one only has about a week to clench their place in a Gemini’s memory, otherwise, you’re yesterday’s leftovers and they’re already on to the next. Social butterflies to the max, Twin-born people don’t like to sit still with the same crowd in one spot for too long. Pinning the Twins down is near impossible; Gem is always, always on the move, flitting from one engagement to the next soiree, gathering as much info (read: gossip) and extroverted energy as possible. Despite Gemini’s gregarious nature, it’s not easy to connect one-on-one with these personalities in a party setting—they’re usually too busy soaking in the sunshine as the center of attention. The best strategy for entering their orbit is to match their energy and engage them in vigorous, clever banter within a group. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs suggesting that you might just be the most fascinating person on the planet who can go toe-to-toe, round-for-round conversationally, and the trap is set. Once they’re intrigued, you’ve got ‘em hooked—for the moment, at least, so you’ll need to strike while the iron is hot, hot, hot.

Subtlety is not Gemini’s strong suit, in fact, they hate subtle messages. Twins are not easily offended and carry a soft spot for shameless innuendo, just a few of the reasons why this sign is known as the biggest flirt of the zodiac. Communication is the key to Gemini’s heart (or at least to their bedroom)—you literally cannot talk too much to a Gemini—and a punchy dose of bold, ballsy flirting is just the sort of thing to lubricate the mood. Just don’t be surprised if your Gemini target flits off to work others in the room as soon as you get their flirtatious fires stoked—Gemini believes in sharing the love with all who will play, just as long as it’s on their terms.

If the social sphere proves to be fruitless, and it may (don’t be mad, you signed up for this test of will and patience), an almost surefire scheme is to appeal to Gemini with the written word, particularly digitally. Ruled by the planet Mercury, rapid fire god of communication and technology, Geminis hold communication through written messages in high regard, whether that be through a handwritten love letter, social media, or a saucy sext (more on their sexting habits later). Unlike some of the more reserved signs, Gemini—even the most shy of the brood—actually loves watching their phone blow up.

Striking up a clever conversation in their comments, hollering via Instagram, and keeping in touch on Snapchat are excellent ways to keep your name relevant in their contacts. Do your homework: Take keen notice of Gemini’s social media posts and study their interests (however creepy that might sound) to ensure you’ll have plenty to talk about in person. If you really want to knock their socks off, come equipped with obscure factoids and tidbits your Gemini is unlikely to already know, and watch their heart glow (after all, these are the true sapiosexuals of astrology). Gemini is super-cerebral and doesn’t just go for basic compliments and flattery. These air signs need to be engaged intellectually, constantly learning and gaining experience at every moment—for Gemini, knowledge isn’t just power, it’s a potent aphrodisiac.