11 Sex Toys To Try With Your Partner This Valentine’s Day


The sexperts share their picks

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love and romance are in the air. And, well, sex, of course. With things starting to heat up, some of us might be feeling a desire to take things to a new level with our partners—and toys can definitely help.

Toys are something many think of as a solo experience (for example, your relationship with your trusty vibrator), but bringing a toy into the bedroom that both you and your partner can enjoy can do wonders for a relationship (you know, aside from being a ton of fun). “Toys are a great way to share pleasure with your partner, and help build a healthy and happy sex life together," says Samantha Bard, co-owner of Shag Brooklyn. “They can help you to communicate what you like in the bedroom, which can open the door to a deeper dialogue on pleasure; they can help you to connect on a new level, to explore new sensations and feelings; and they can help spice things up if things are becoming too humdrum or predictable."

We chatted with Bard and four other sexperts on the toys they recommend for partner use, so you can go ahead and get it on.

Not sure how to have this conversation with your partner? LoveHoney sexpert Coco Cameron breaks down a great way to start. “Mention something you watched or read about [toys] in an offhand way to your partner, and gauge their reaction. If they seem interested in knowing more, it could be a positive sign to take the conversation further. Remember, it's important to reassure them that buying a sex toy is not a sign that you're unhappy with your sex life—just that you want to explore other sides of it with them."

From there, you can start by suggesting small stuff you can easily use together, and work your way up to more extreme toys over time if you please. “It's vital that you know that they're happy to try something different, as whipping out a brand-new toy and using it on them mid-session without their prior consent probably won't go down too well." Of course, Cameron warns that if they don't seem interested, don't push. “Sex toys are great, but a mutual willingness to try them is essential."

So, do you and your partner feel ready to take things to the next level? Try one (or more) of the following 11 partner-friendly toys. And remember these words of wisdom from Bard: “There are so many different kinds of toys out there, if one thing doesn't work, try another."

Photo courtesy of Lovehoney

Lovehoney, Best Night Ever Couple’s Sex Toy Kit, $49.99, available at Lovehoney.

“If you’re really not sure where to start, a sex toy kit like this one allows you try out lots of different toys and find what works best for you, without breaking the bank,” says Cameron.