your ultimate guide to spring cocktails


drink up!

After a sadistic winter, it just started getting geniunely nice in New York. Yesterday was t-shirt weather for the first time in 2015. That means, despite an official March 21 start date, it's finally spring. And with that warm weather comes the unflinching desire to consume refreshing beverages, hopefully one with a little booze in them. In that spirit, we asked some of our favorite spots in New York and Los Angeles to hit us with some cocktails they stirred up especially for spring. As you'll see in the following gallery, they did not disappoint.

The Black Fleet @ The Drink, New York
Description: "April and May are peak season for Hawaiian pineapples, and smokey, spicy punch The Black Fleet really shows them off. Plus, it's named after badass lady pirate Jeanne de Clisson, who painted her ships black, dyed their sails red and raided French ships to get revenge for the death of her husband at the hands of King Phillip VI. She would slaughter entire crews, leaving only 1 or 2 men alive to pass the message that the Lioness of Brittany and her Black Fleet had struck again."—Allie Zempel, Manager
7 oz mezcal, 3 oz tequila, 7 oz basil syrup*, 6 oz lime, 5 oz pineapple, 2 teaspoons srirarcha bitters