Four Spring Hair Makeovers That Will Inspire Your New Look

Photographed by Ricky Michiels

Way beyond a trim

If you've ever seen Clueless, Mean GirlsJawbreaker, or just about any other classic teen movie, you're familiar with the transformative power of a drastic makeover. And after spending months indoors and hiding under parkas, beanies, and blankets, it seems as if there's nothing like one to renew our spirit and get us excited for the warm months ahead. Since taking our trusty old shorts and tank tops out of storage already makes it feel like we have an entirely new wardrobe at our disposal, we're huge proponents of the hair makeover as the means to a fresh start.

Last year, we opted for cropped cuts, colorful tresses, and a whole lot of bleach. This time around, we decided to rethink our approach, and really evaluate the health of our hair. Whether it meant opting for more natural shades, choosing more low-maintenance options, or trying some new reparative treatments, we got some of the freshest cuts and colors of the season. That didn't mean that we totally laid off the bleach, though. After all, habits are hard to break (especially when they look really, really good). 

Flip through four of our favorite makeovers below, complete with maintenance tips, and all of the information you'd need if you so choose to replicate them yourself. 

Photographed by Ricky Michiels

Gabrielle Korn, Digital Deputy Editor
I started bleaching my hair a few years ago, and since then it's undergone quite a bit of trauma. Even though I technically know better, I went all the colors of the rainbow in a very short period of time, ending on a cool-toned platinum white that was pretty much my favorite thing ever. That is, of course, until the day a large chunk of it (like right in the front) broke off in my hand. Then I had to take a good hard look at my life and make a choice between healthy hair and cool hair—and since cool hair was suddenly proving to be utterly unsustainable, I opted for the former.

I went to the newly opened Fourteenjay in Tribeca, where salon co-owners David Adams (color) and Frank Rizzieri (cut) examined my sad strands carefully. I showed them a picture of a shorter, darker bob—ever since watching Jessica Jones, I've wanted to dye my hair dark anyway. Using Aveda products, David applied a very warm-toned color treatment on my hair, which turned it an alarming red. He then shampooed it with the brand's Color Conserve Shampoo, treated it with a Botanical Treatment Protein, and finished with the Damage Remedy Conditioner. (Everyone who gets color at the salon gets a protein or moisture treatment because David says that healthy hair holds color better). To create this perfect chocolate brown hue, he finished with a permanent cream hair color, which balanced the red.

Because the ends of my 'do were so fried, Frank convinced me to bring my lob up to a more flattering, collarbone-grazing chop. I tend to like hair that looks a little fucked up, so he left the ends really choppy and longer in the front, with assorted pieces sticking out for an unexpected finish. Two weeks later, I returned to the salon for a gloss to seal my color in. I also stopped by Boom Boom Brow Bar to get my brows tinted to match my new color, which was the final piece in completing my new brunette vibe. I'm so into this look—I feel like it's a really unexpected spring change, and in a season of pastel hues, going darker feels bad in the best way.