The 11 Best Girl-Power Moments From ‘Stranger Things’

Photo via Netflix

How we spent our weekend.

If you haven't binge-watched all of Netflix's Stranger Things, you're going to want to a) stop reading this post, because, spoilers and b) park your butt in front of a screen, stat. 

This is a show that combines everything we love: sci-fi, horror, nostalgia, and girl power. Lots and lots of girl power. From Eleven, a mysterious little girl with a shaved head and superpowers; to Joyce, who will do just about anything to find her son who has been taken by a monster into a mad creepy alternate universe; to Nancy, a classic '80s older sister trope who turns out to be pretty great with a gun, Stranger Things just brought us our new favorite female leads. 

Click through for the 11 moments that solidified this show as a must-watch. 

Photo via Netflix

1. Barb, Queen Of Real Talk

Nancy's best friend Barb kept it real, 24/7. RIP. (Worth noting: Barb seems to have amassed a cult-following online. Well-deserved.)