We Rate The Best Subscription Boxes: Accessories


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Subscription boxes: everyone talks about them, you probably know at least one person who uses them, and there are a bazillion options in every category imaginable. Seriously, you can get anything in the mail monthly from a dive bar T-shirt to apocalypse survival gear and candy; every niche is covered. It's easier than ever to test one out too—many subscription box services have veered from commitment-based contracts to month-to-month, so getting a fix now comes with way less stress (why yes, we will take one box of Bacon of the Month).

We love surprises, and we love feeling special even more, so it only made sense to try out the best of the boxes and see which ones are worth shelling out for. This first go-around, we tackled accessories, delighting in packages that deliver everything from shiny baubles to bags direct to your doorstep. While some act as rental services and others are pre-paid delights, there's a model for every taste and wallet. Check out the gallery below to see what catches your fancy. Bonus: Because we love you, we even snagged some exclusive discount codes as well.

Our Favorite: Rocksbox


Cost: $19 a month for unlimited jewelry rental (three pieces at a time).

The dirt: Rocksbox won our hearts with no contest. Not only does the service let you try before you buy (or, shoot, just get a never-ending rotation of pieces to try), everything down to the packaging and personalized insert card was smartly put together, fresh, and trendy. Sign up and take a style survey, then head over to their digital showcase where you can add pieces you like to a wish list. A stylist then sends out a mix of wish list items with handpicked ones in the cutest of boxes tied with a bubblegum pink bow. The combined value of the jewelry usually sits around $200 and once you get them, you can wear everything as much as you want until you're ready to get another three new pieces. If you fall in love with something, keep it at a discounted price.

Code: Enter "nylonmag" at checkout to receive your first month free. Offer ends April 15.