We Rate The Best Subscription Boxes: Kawaii


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In weeks past, we've covered beauty, accessories, and fitness subscriptions, but this week we get to go cute and adorable. We found the best kawaii-themed boxes and gave them all a run so you can see which purveyor of squee is the right one for you. Had no idea kawaii boxes were a thing? Neither did we!

If you're a fan of everything Sanrio, Pokémon, Japanese, Korean, and cute (duh), then read on. We got boxes with everything from delicious sodas to DIY pastel bracelet kits to yummy and tiny green tea cookies. No matter if you're snack-minded or want a packet of delicate stationery, we have you covered. According to a sociology professor in Japan, "cute" is a "magic term" that encompasses everything desirable in Japan, and, we have to agree. Not only is it a delight to receive surprises every month in the mail, it's even more enticing when those items are hard to find and are intentionally made to make us say, "ureshikute tamaranai!" (That's "I'm so happy, I can't contain it" for you non-Japanese speakers). Get your kawaii on, below.

Our Favorite: Japan Crate


Cost: $12 for a Mini crate with 4 to 6 items, $25 for an Original crate with 8 to 10 items, and $30 for a Premium crate with 12 to 14 items.

The dirt: While we tried Japan Crate's yummy, snack and candy-based subscription box, they also have the Doki Doki crate, packed with plushies, miniatures, and more for $30 a month. Our Premium Japan Crate was absolutely jammed with amazing treats, like a strawberry ramune (a type of soda where a marble is popped down into the bottle in order to open it), a DIY chocolate lollipop kit, and green tea mini Kit Kat bars. Some items we received were fun simply for the WTF factor (a corn soup-flavored snack?) and others were delightful items we had never seen before (sweet chips drizzled with icing, yum!). The proverbial cherry on the cake: a booklet that accompanies each box. Not only does it detail every product within, it contains an actual comic book, and is designed to be read like a classic Japanese manga, right to left. As an additional bonus, every month one lucky subscriber will be chosen to win the Sugoi Crate, which contains giant Japanese candies, Tokyo-exclusive toys, just-released gadgets, and brand new game consoles and games.

Code: Use "NYLON" at checkout for $3 off a Doki Doki or Premium Japan Crate.