Sugarpill To Drop Ultra-Gothic Pretty Poison Lipstick Line

Photo courtesy of Sugarpill

Witchy shades are in for spring

Given our current political climate, it's hard to feel anything but bitter hopelessness and despair. Luckily, Sugarpill is making melancholia great again with a new line of lipstick colors perfect for spooky, sad fashionistas in any season. While elder creeps may scoff at the mainstreaming of their style, we say the more goths the (less) merrier!

The L.A.-based cosmetics brand company describes itself as “cruelty-free make up for color-obsessed dolls of all genders" and has taken a decidedly witchy tone with their latest collection. Sugarpill is known for their hypercolor pigments but they're clearly expanding into darker yet equally as outrageous palettes.

The Pretty Poison Black Edition collection, which debuts on March 20, features stylishly gloomy purples, reds, blacks, and blues. These products are sure to go perfectly with the recently-debuted anti-highlighter line from Ritual De Fille and a parasol for avoiding the sun.

Check out the new products, below, and beginning March 20, shop the new line over here.

Sugarpill, Pretty Poison Bundle Black Edition, $80, available at