11 Sunscreens That Won’t Leave You Looking Like A Ghost

Skin Care

Brown skin-tested and -approved

Good sunscreen is hard to come by. Well, the ones that you slather on out of obligation rather than enjoyment—the requisite and often mediocre ones—those are everywhere. But I'm talking about the ones that don't have that chemical smell, won't leave your skin feeling five pounds heavier, and will actually protect you (meaning SPF 30+); and for my brown boys and girls, I'm also talking about the ones that won't leave you with a white cast. Yeah, those are hard to come by.

It's always been an issue, but I never really noticed how bad it was until I actually started wearing sunscreen daily... about two years ago. Sad! I know. What took me so long? We should all know by now how dangerous the sun can be and how vital protecting yourself from it is. But I didn't! I was ignorant and stubborn. I know now that sun doesn't discriminate against skin color. It's a threat to us all. 

This is what makes finding the kind of sunscreen that you want to put on every day—and that looks good and doesn't require you to check your skin in every light available in your apartment to make sure it's rubbed in properly—very important. So I did some testing and rounded up the absolute best brown skin-friendly sunscreens on the market right now. Pack up the others taking up space on your vanity, they're no longer needed here. Just kidding, you can still use them as long as they bring you joy—and give you adequate protection. 

Let's get this one out of the way first because it's probably the product you've heard about the most recently. Adding on to our own glowing review, it's very, very good. It's invisible, yes, and shields well. Yes! The pump packaging is ingenious, and so is the featherweight water gel consistency. The size makes it perfect for traveling, though that's also the one thing we wish we could change—we wish there was more of it.

Glossier, Invisible Shield SPF 35, $34, available at Glossier