how to be instagram famous

tips from 10 models, bloggers, and musicians

Photo via @ali_michael instagram

Despite the prevalence of Von Dutch trucker hats, bedazzled Sidekicks, and studded belts, life seemed much simpler in the aughts. Back then (read: 6+ years ago), all we had to do was worry about what MySpace backdrop reflected our personality the most, or what sassy response to give SmarterChild (because, let's face it, he totally had it coming). Now, the world wide web seems a little too vast and social media a little too pressure-inducing. The best way to approach it all, we've learned, is to use it all as it was originally intended: as a platform for self-expression. We spoke to ten of our favorite personalities on Instagram to find out exactly how to utilize the photo sharing app as a hub for personal and professional growth. Click through the gallery to hear what they have to say.

Jess Hannah (@jess_hannah) // Jewelry Designer + Blogger // 198K followers
"My followers like when I tell a story—not just what I am doing but also what I am wearing and how I see the world. I show my personality and perspective through my photography style—it's very design oriented and a tad OCD. Flat lays are always a hit for me: coffee, a magazine, new sunglasses, some rings scattered and maybe a beauty product all in their place. My followers just love things organized neatly."