10 Mini Bags To Help You Declutter Your Life

    And make your outfit even cuter

    by · June 09, 2017

    It’s hard to declutter your life, but a good place to start is by downsizing your handbag. We know what you’re thinking. But I need a huge bag! My wallet won’t fit in a mini bag. Nothing will!

    Okay, look, we get it. Change can be hard. But just like you don’t actually need a huge shoulder bag, you don’t actually need a huge wallet. Honestly, who even carries cash anymore? Forget a wallet and carry only your ID, debit card, and a credit card. You’ll be set. And then instead of the million other things you carry around that you probably don’t need, just get it down to the essentials, like lipstick, keys, and maybe gum.

    Now that the hard part’s over, it’s time to pick out a bag. Whether you want something chic and ladylike or something kitschy and cute, we’ve narrowed it down to our top picks in the gallery, below.

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