11 Ethical And Sustainable Brands You Need To Know


As cool as they are conscious

When it comes to the fashion industry these days, things aren’t always as ethical and good for the environment as we’d like them to be. With the rise of fast fashion, many garments today are made with materials and dyes that produce harmful waste and pollution, all for the profit of mass-producing products at a cheaper cost. On top of this, because these factories are overseas, it’s much harder to ensure that they follow ethical practices.

Despite this practice, there are plenty of independent designers out there today that heavily focus on maintaining the good of the Earth. Whether using recycled materials or making sure the materials they do use are ethically sourced, they strive to keep their carbon footprint low, for the greater good of the planet. It's all about sustainability.

In honor of Earth Day, we rounded up 11 ethically sustainable designers that not only produce beautiful designs, but are in it for Mother Earth. Let’s give it up for the designers who opt to make a difference—not only just today, but every day.

Click through the gallery below to check out some of today’s coolest, environmentally conscious brands. We can only hope that more designers choose to follow suit. 

Photo courtesy of Study NY

Study NY
Study NY’s motto is “Making Fashion Without Making Waste,” and this is something the brand certainly sticks to. Using environmentally responsible fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton, ethically sourced alpaca, and recycled materials, as well as using naturally-derived and/or environmentally friendly dyes, each product is carefully examined every step of the way—from field to cutting table—to ensure that it’s ethically and environmentally conscious.

Study NY, Shirt Sleeve Dress, $240, available at Study NYStudy NY, Tank 1, $90, available at Study NY.