What Interior Designers Buy From Target

From our friends at The Zoe Report

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As you likely know by now, we’re huge fans of Target and often round out our wardrobes with the retailer’s affordable, expensive-looking pieces. And fashion is far from the only area where the cheap-and-chic mega-store is useful—we rely on Target to fill our homes with stylish decor and furnishings that are major steals as well. To aid us in curating the best of the retailer’s offerings, we enlisted the opinions of some of our favorite interior design gurus. Here, seven things these experts think you should buy from Target ASAP.

Photo courtesy of Target

Laurel & Wolf Designer Kimberly Winthrop

"I'm loving this metal table lamp from Target. It has clean, simple lines and I love the brass shade," says Laurel & Wolf Designer Kimberly Winthrop. "It's a nice departure from what you typically see at Target."

Threshold, Metal Table Lamp, $50, available at Target.