The 15 Best Shows To Binge Watch

Photos courtesy of HBO and Comedy Central

‘Broad City’ is back tonight!

There are a couple of important factors that go into a binge-able television show. For one, it can't be too action-packed (so, no Game of Thrones) or too existentially problematic (so, definitely no Black Mirror). Episodes that run a full hour are also usually a drag since it's hard to watch too many at the same time. Game of Thrones and Black Mirror are perfectly good shows—great, in fact—and should be viewed when you have the time. But in one sitting over a long weekend? Yeah, nah. You can do better.

We're living in a special time because there are so! many! shows! available with just a couple of swipes. But so many choices can lead to a certain kind of paralysis. It's hard to know what is worth investing your time in. You need help. Don't worry, though, because that's what NYLON editors are here to do. Below are our choices for the most binge-able series available for streaming. Is it totally comprehensive? No. Might have we missed a good binge-worthy show? Yes. We aren't perfect. We haven't seen everything on TV. We're only human, and we have jobs, you know.

Sex and the City
If you haven't binged on any SATC, my question to you is, WHO EVEN ARE YOU? Every episode is bite-sized and brimming with every wild New York fantasy imaginable. And there is nothing quite as comforting as coming home from a night out or waking up on a lazy weekend day and putting SATC on. Plus, you don't really have to start from the beginning. SATC is one of those rare shows where you can tune in at any time and feel like you're not missing too much. Just, you know, skip the movies. They're really not worth it.