Teva And UGG Join Forces To Bring You The New Ugly-Cute Shoes Of The Season

Photo Courtesy of Teva.

We don’t hate them, either

We never thought we’d see the day when news of a Teva x UGG collection would make its way to our inbox. But, alas, here we are. What’s perhaps even more shocking: We actually really, really like the hybrids.

The two brands have a reputation for creating quintessential ugly-cute shoes (ditto Birkenstocks). They’re the kind of shoes that are only attractive to certain people, but that also happen to be the most comfortable damn things you will ever put on your feet. Teva’s sandals are Velcro Normcore central and have managed to get the fashion seal of approval over the past year, while UGG’s furry boots have come to be adored by sorority girls on every college campus. What happens when these two companies team up? They give birth to high- and low-top, sheepskin-lined sporty sandals. 

“The Teva x UGG collaboration allows us to celebrate expression of freedom while showcasing the innovation that is infused into each of our products,” Wendy Yang, president of the performance lifestyle group at Deckers brands, says in a statement. “With this collaboration, we wanted to fuse the most iconic and loved elements from both brands and deliver them in a contemporary collection for the modern consumer.”

You can check out and judge the sandals for yourself below. The high-top version goes for $225 while the low-top ones are $175. Both are available now on and

Photo Courtesy Of Teva.

Teva x UGG Sandal, $175, available at Teva.