9 Awesome Podcasts Made By Girls (Mostly) For Girls

The revolution will not be televised

We're in the middle of a podcast revolution. Take a quick scroll through your iPhone's official podcast app, and you'll discover an ever-expanding audible world of smart, funny, and engaging people—from comedians to writers and to some dude in his parent's basement—hosting shows about topics that fascinate them. The podcast craze is so intense that it can be overwhelming, just with the sheer volume of options available, to find ones that would most appeal to you. So to help you sort through all the literal noise, here are nine podcasts that were created by awesome women, for awesome women. (If you're a dude who wants to check them out, like the not-so-anonymous writer over here, more power to you.)

Mouth Time
Reductress, the spot-on parody site that mocks feminist websites and women's publications, just launched their first podcast on Wednesday. It's still too early to tell what it will become, but if the official description is any indication, the show, which is hosted by "fictional Reductress editors” Quenn (Nicole Silverberg) and Div (Anna Drezen), is going to be something special.