Meet The Jewelry Brand Fighting Against Human Trafficking

Take a peek at The Brave Collection’s stunning new designs for fall

Photo courtesy of The Brave List

Fusing modern, contemporary designs with ancient aesthetics, The Brave Collection is a line of handmade jewelry with a story as rich as the culture it’s inspired by.

After teaching English in Cambodia during her college years, Brooklyn, New York-based founder, Jessica Hendricks Yee, became fascinated with the country’s history and culture. Particularly: how it's grappling with a difficult present in the wake of genocide and the heartbreaking reality of human trafficking. Thus, the Brave Collection was born. 

Yee works with local Cambodian artists to create pieces inspired by their culture, drawing influence from ancient Buddhist spirituality, talismans of strength and spirit, and the Khmer alphabet. Each piece is meant to empower and celebrate the bravery and strength of its wearer.

Many of the artists that Yee works with are mothers coming from underprivileged backgrounds or women suffering from disabilities. By working with The Brave Collection, these women are treated with respect; they work in a fair and dignified environment and are paid above average wages with added benefits such as health insurance and educational stipends for their children.

And it doesn’t stop there. The brand is working to fight against human trafficking, donating 10 percent of all proceeds toward the cause.

The Brave’s Collection fall/holiday collection has just launched today, taking the line in a more modern, contemporary direction. The same inspirations and talismans used in previous woven pieces are rethought in hand-sculpted silver and precious micron-plated gold over brass, ranging from $95 to 175.

“The artisans we collaborate with have an incredible amount of talent, and I wanted to create a line that would showcase what they are capable of,” says Yee. She adds:

Each piece in this collection is forged and sculpted by hand. It takes an incredible amount of time, precision, and skill to craft each piece, and I know that our customers feel that significance when they wear our jewelry. It's not just a piece of metal—it holds a piece of someone's story from thousands of miles away.

Click through the gallery below to check the new Metals collection. You can shop the full line and read more about the amazing work they do at

Photo courtesy of The Brave Collection

The Brave Collection, Berry Tassel Cuff, $95, available at The Brave Collection.