You Can Now Own An Olsen Twin Print Kimono Thanks To This Museum Gift Shop

Dreams do come true

Image via THNK1994

Back in April 2015, Brooklyn, New York-based comedians Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen teamed up to create something that the world was clearly missing: a museum dedicated to the 1994 scandal involving ex-figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. While this gained their “museum”—referred to as THNK1994 for short—popularity, their next exhibit, "The Olsen Twins Hiding From The Paparazzi," is what catapulted them into stardom (sort of).

Well, Harkins and Olen have returned with a few of the artists previously featured in their exhibits and have opened THNK1994’s very own gift shop, just in time for the holidays. Selling a multitude of prints of Laura Collin’s extensive collection of paintings featuring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (as well as a few other celebs) hiding behind various objects, there is also a smattering of other oddities your quirkiest of friends will love and enjoy.

Think of all the possibilities! For example, you can gift your coffee-loving friend with an affinity for figure skating a special roast dedicated to museum icons Harding and Kerrigan or coworker that likes to pack a lunch a psychedelic metal lunchbox printed with the Olsen twins.

The true winner here is the Olsen twin print chiffon kimono. We all need a Mary-Kate and Ashley kimono in our lives, if you ask me, and a sheer unisex version makes it all the better (and all the more versatile).

You can check out all of the offerings for sale now at Click through the gallery below for our favorites.

Photo via THNK1994

Natasha Winter-Best x Print All Over Me, Witchy Fashion Twins Unisex Poly Chiffon Kimono, $109, available at THNK1994.