12 Pairs Of Ridiculously Tiny Sunglasses To Wear This Spring


Small in size, big in statement

There is a new eyewear trend upon us, and it’s as puzzling as it is, well, cute: very tiny sunglasses. Made popular by It Girls such as the Hadid-Jenner-Gerbers, seen en masse during Fashion Week (both on the streets and on the catwalk), and expected at every upcoming music festival, these smaller specs are shaping up to be the most popular eye shape of the year.

Reminiscent of styles of the ‘90s and early aughts—you know, before Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie sparked the oversized frame revolution on The Simple Life—these tiny frames defeat the purpose of protecting your eyes, but look incredibly cool.

So that you can hop on the tiny sunglasses trend, too, we rounded up 12 pairs—from luxury to super steals—to grab before spring hits full swing. And since they don’t actually do much to shield your eyes from the sun, feel free to wear them inside. Especially at night. Whatever you do, just don’t stare at the sun, please.

Check out our picks, below.

Photo courtesy of Free People

Free People, Got A Crush Oval Sunnies, $20, available at Free People.