24 Unpretentious Places To Drink Outdoors In The US Of A

Photo courtesy of Freehand Hotels

It’s that time of year

One of life’s great joys is drinking refreshing alcoholic beverages without the burden of a roof over your head. As we make the final approach to the official beginning of summer, the importance of having a reliable place to drink outdoors becomes paramount. But finding the perfect patio or backyard with a relaxed vibe befitting of a sweltering afternoon or a humid evening can be a challenge. In New York City, patios, especially those of the rooftop variety, tend to be overcrowded and overpriced. Finding just the right vibe can be a challenge. So, with that in mind, here’s a list of some of the more unpretentious drinking establishments in the country, should you ever find yourself in one of these cities and in desperate need of a drink outdoors.

Photo courtesy of Diamond Reef

Diamond Reef, Brooklyn
The only pure-ish cocktail bar on our list, this Brooklyn newcomer’s ballsy location rids it of any potential snobbery. Located on a desolate stretch of gas stations and auto repair shops, it features a stunning backyard that has tons of plants, hanging lights, swings, and a grill that’s open late. That lack of residential neighbors means that unlike many back patios in the city, this one’s open late.