Unwrapped: What To Get The Coolest Women You Know

Guaranteed to impress

'Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, that’s a full month (31 days!) in which we’ll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list with our Unwrapped holiday gift guides. So make your holiday shopping a breeze this season, and let us help you find gifts for all the people in your life—and maybe even a spoiled pet or two.

This is easily my favorite gift guide to assemble because it's basically just a collection of all my favorite things that I want to give to all my favorite people, because I love them and because they are... cool. There's something on here for every woman in your life—coworkers, friends, sisters, mothers, grandmothers... (grandmothers can be the coolest). And, hey, you might even find something on here to get for yourself or ask for yourself. (Personally, all I want is a vacuum cleaner, which might not sound cool, but that is because I am beyond cool, I am, like, galactic brain cool.)

Anyway! Here: A list of cool things for cool women, to be purchased and given by you, who are also, I am sure, cool. Cool!

Lirika Matoshi, 'Amongst the Stars' Socks, $32, available at Catbird.

Socks might not seem like a "cool" gift, but that's ridiculous because there's nothing cooler than being practical. Or, at least, the pretense of practicality. Because these sheer, gossamer, sparkly socks are not maybe the most practical things ever, but they're definitely cool, and so any cool woman would like them.