5 weird beauty tricks that actually work

we promise

A few years ago, the prospect of swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for half an hour or rubbing charcoal on your face may have seemed unfathomable. But, as we all know, popular culture (fueled by the internet, of course) loves a weird beauty trend. And while it may seem like you've tried out just about every strange trick there is, we guarantee there are a few more that will not only revolutionize your beauty routine, but also drive you to wax poetic about their powers on every social media platform there is. So, click through the gallery to find your next favorite strange beauty trick. 


Swiping a lemon slice across your armpits may feel strange, but have you thought about how many chemicals are in a typical stick of deodorant? Not only is citric acid a natural alternative, but it really works to kill odor-causing bacteria. The only downfall is that it will sting after shaving, so wait a few hours before applying to freshly shaved pits.