15 westminster dogs who got TURNT last night

    they did the damn thing

    by · February 18, 2015

    photo by dave kotinsky/usa network

    Sure, it’s NYFW, but you know what else happened? The Westminster Dog Show, that’s what. And we were actually there for it, befriending every wet-nosed critter we could: From the majestically enormous, mop-like creatures to the elegant, agile pups with crazy-small ears. All reports confirm that most of the dogs had a good time, too: There were new smells to be experienced, treats to be rewarded with, and skills to show off. One might even say that these dogs were turnt up.

    Click through to see these floppy angels as they noodle around, competing for Best In Show, and stay turned for our video in which we interview all of them, except the ones who very literally turned their noses up at us.

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