Why This Country Might Be Responsible For The Next Beauty Craze

    This tiny European country might just be the new Korea when it comes to beauty

    by · November 17, 2016

    When it comes to countries known for their beauty products, our obsession has long since extended beyond the borders of France—even if we’ll always have a soft spot for a no-nonsense micellar water. While Korean lotions and potions like bubble masks and “selfie-ready” skin primers contained in quirky packaging continue to be among our top beauty imports, impressing beauty experts and novices alike, we think we may have a line on which country has the potential to be the next big market craze: Estonia. No, Estonians may not have the same deeply rooted history in the skin-care world as Asia or some of its European neighbors, but it sure is doing a damn good job making up for it. 

    According to a recent Euromonitor report from April, the beauty and personal care market experienced steady growth, which was largely supported by fierce competition between beauty players—most of which are global entities. This is all the more remarkable given the country's own declining population, making for a shrinking internal consumer base. Perhaps this is why Estonian entrepreneurs are bringing their incredible products and ideology to the global marketplace? Ahead, check out the five Estonian beauty brands you probably don’t know, but should. We’re convinced there’s going to be a new section at Sephora soon.

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