21 Beautiful Winter Art Prints To Get You Through The Season

Get cozy

Ahhh, November. Snuggly sweaters, cozy nights with hot drinks, and holiday cheer. 'Tis the start of The Season... 'tisn't it?

Between the mysterious effects of daylight savings and the Super Moon and the trauma of the election and death of Leonard Cohen, disoriented doesn't even begin to cover my present state. The facts are these: Winter, the season, doesn't technically begin until the 21st of December, but Winter, the feeling, begins much earlier. And Winter the Feeling gets old fast in NYC. By February it's so cold and gross that all my life decisions will have started to revolve around avoiding slush.

But! This makes it a wonderful time to indulge in my favorite pastime: staying in. Have people come to you. And while you're safe and warm at home, eating spaghetti with your friends and/or pets, you'll want something to look at. Really, people talk about spring cleaning, but in my opinion, winter is also a great time to refresh your home. Indulging in some new art is downright therapeutic and adorning your walls with images that feel comforting and festive can really help you through these literally dark days (hello, 4:30pm sunset). 

Click through the gallery below to check out some of my favorites.

Lisk Feng, Winter Snowball, $35, available at Liskfeng.com.