Check Out The Coolest Cold Weather New York Street Style

Photographed by Collins Nai

Cold as fire, hot as ice

As Very Mary-Kate once said, "It's brr." The East Coast has officially entered winter. Temperatures are low, desires to stay in bed are high, but the reality of the latter is a luxury few of us have, because, like, work. So for all of us poor New Yorkers who have to put in work, this means venturing out into the Polar Vortex, wondering why on Earth we keep forgetting to buy a new pair of gloves after losing the other ones on the subway.

But while this reality sucks, it doesn't necessarily mean having to look like the Michelin Man each time—though if that's your vibe, work it and own it. Ahead, 13 examples of how the city that never sleeps tries to stay warm. It's going to be a long and cold couple of months, but at least we'll look good as we shiver through them. 

Photographed by Collins Nai

Knee'd that coat!