7 Hidden Figures: Unsung Women Of History Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Photos via and by Getty Images / Kevin Winter or Alberto E. Rodriguez

Are you listening, Hollywood?

Hidden Figures, out this Friday, chronicles the real-life efforts of three African-American women, who, as expert NASA mathematicians, played key roles in major missions throughout the Space Race. But despite their integral place in history, their stories were often overlooked and never told. And they're not the only ones. Throughout history, women have played major roles in shaping our culture in countless ways, and it's about time Hollywood takes notice. Here, seven unsung women heroes who deserve their own movies (and the actresses who should play them). 

Photos via and by Getty Images / Kevin Winter or Alberto E. Rodriguez

Sally Ride

Who is she: Whenever Hollywood dramatizes America’s legendary space program, women are often relegated to the sidelines as the doting wives left to worry and wait for their husbands to return home from exploring the great unknown. But just because we don’t see any stories about female astronauts, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. A good place to start would be with Sally Ride, the first American woman who went to space, whose 27-year relationship with another woman was revealed only after her death in 2012.

Who should play her: Emma Stone