12 Pieces Of Zodiac-Inspired Jewelry For The Inner Mystic


It’s in the stars

Ah, horoscopes. Whether or not you take them seriously is up to you, but we can’t help but be amused by any opportunity to read deeper into our personalities.

Every star sign has it’s distinct qualities, and each sign has it’s own set of strengths. Whether you’re a bubbly Libra or persistent Taurus, be proud! What better way to do this than to wear your sign on your neck or wrist? Think about it—you’ll never have to respond to “Hey baby, what’s your sign?” ever again.

From nameplate-style bracelets to pendants engraved with the constellations, we rounded up the 12 coolest zodiac-inspired pieces of jewelry. Whether you’re a budding astrologist or read your horoscope for fun, there’s something for you.

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Photo courtesy of Catbird

Catbird, Zodiac Ring, $124, available at Catbird.