4 Workouts To Do At Home, When It's Too Cold To Go Outside


Never leave the apartment again!

It's February, and your resolution to hit the gym five days a week or get out for a run every morning has been stymied by the fact that it is cold AF outside and frankly, your apartment (and warm bed) seems like a much better place to be. Fair enough—but just because you're snowbound doesn't mean you can't squeeze in a workout, even in your studio apartment that's devoid of any fitness gear. Put on those gym shorts, and pick one of the following workouts.

Get limber with a few yoga sun salutations: Stand up straight and tall, lift your arms to the sky, then hinge at the hips into a forward fold. Bend your knees to get your hands to the ground, then walk your feet back into a plank before slowly lowering to the ground. Do a baby cobra by setting your hands far and wide in front of you and lifting your chest. Slowly lower back down to the ground and reset your hands by your chest before pushing back up into a plank and walking your feet back up to meet your hands. Repeat three or four times.

Then, jump into this circuit for four sets, pausing for 10 to 30 seconds between each exercise, and for two minutes between sets.

(Pro tip: Use a free app like Intervals to set your phone to beep every 30 seconds, alerting you to when you're done.)

•30 seconds: Walking lunges around your apartment, holding gallon jugs if you have them, but unweighted is fine too. Focus on making sure your front knee doesn't come forward over your toes, you're aiming for a 90-degree angle there.

•30 seconds: Push-ups (using this article to pick your push-up style if you can't do a full push-up… Avoid the knee push-ups at all costs!)

•30 seconds: Squat with a gallon jug. Who needs kettlebells when you're well-hydrated? If you have a gallon jug in the fridge, use this. If you don't, you can make things even more challenging by filling a bucket or pot with water and being ~very~ careful to avoid spillage. (This will actually end up helping you maintain proper posture while squatting!)

•30 seconds: Air-punching. Boxing is super-trendy right now, and you can take out some aggression by doing some shadow-boxing, punching the air in front of you with serious energy, for 30 seconds. This is going to boost your heart rate a bit, to give this set a high-intensity segment.

•30 seconds: Clamshells. This Pilates staple, done lying on your side with your legs bent at the knees, starting together, and lifting the top leg at the knee, works your hip adductors and abductors. (Tutorial here.)

•30 seconds: Bridges. If you've been to a yoga class, you're likely familiar with bridge pose. But instead of holding it, this time, you're going to slowly lift to the full bridge, then slowly lower to the ground and repeat. The way down should feel just as hard as the way up! (Tutorial here.)

•30 seconds: Plank. Yeah, this one is no fun, but it's a classic core strengthener! For added challenge, alternate lifting one arm, or one foot, off the ground while maintaining a strong core—try not to let your butt start sagging.

That membership at the studio down the road doesn't mean shit if you don't actually go to classes. Good news, though: You don't need a yoga mat, block, or strap to be a stay-at-home yogi. Just a you-shaped spot on the floor where you can fully stretch out, so push your coffee table out of the way and salute the sun even when it's hidden behind very gloomy skies. There are thousands of great yoga videos available for free on YouTube, and even more if you're willing to pay $18 monthly for Glo, which is essentially the Netflix of yoga. For free, well-done video workouts, though, I'm a huge fan of Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga. Her no-BS videos range from five to 30 minutes of flows that can relax you or make you sweat like crazy, depending on which ones you choose. (Another great use for these: Pick one of her short flows to do before and after a strength or cardio session to extend your workout and get some flexibility work in at the same time.)

Your ideal weekly workouts should include strength, flexibility, and cardio, but cardio can be the toughest to rally for when you're stuck at home. But it's possible! Thirty minutes of cardio without a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike? No problem—you'll get sweaty without them. Find a very peppy playlist to get through this tough set, and modify to make it as easy or hard as you need. You can easily slow down each move to make it easier if you're new to working out, or drop the time spent resting between exercises if you need a bit more "oomph" as an already-super-fit badass. Do this circuit, repeated five times, with 15 to 30 seconds between each exercise, and one full minute rest between sets.

•One minute of jumping jacks

•One minute of burpees (need help with a push-up? Start with just doing a plank instead, but read this article to build up your strength!)

•One minute of jumping rope. No jump rope? Just mime using one, circling your wrists and hopping lightly

•One minute of running in place (think high knees, and pump your arms)

•One minute of mountain climbers (hands planted on the ground, bringing one knee into your chest at a time, repeated vigorously)

Okay, this one isn't technically a workout, but if you're waffling between getting out for your run or binge-watching Riverdale on Netflix, compromise with 20 minutes of meditation. Meditation has been shown to boost energy levels, according to one 2017 study, and if that isn't enough, research also shows it can significantly improve attention, creativity, immune function, emotional regulation, self-control, cognitive and school performance, and healthy habits while also reducing stress. So why wouldn't you try it? Use a free app like Oak that offers guided and unguided options, along with white noise options and timers that you can set. Find a comfortable spot, hit "go," and enjoy your 20 minutes of Zen.

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Premiering today via NYLON

Small Talks, aka Cayley Spivey, has come a long way since starting a band, then becoming the entire band herself and forging her own fan base from the ground up. On her recent album A Conversation Between Us, she began to unpack any lingering baggage with one particular song: "Teeth." Today, she premieres the accompanying music video exclusively via NYLON.

"'Teeth' is about my personal battle with letting go of the past," Spivey tells NYLON, admitting that it's easily her favorite song off of A Conversation Between Us.

Watch the video for "Teeth" below.

Small Talks - Teeth (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Photos by Joe Maher/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

Must have been pretty awkward

Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner were guests on the U.K.'s The Graham Norton Show together, which must have been awkward for Turner's husband, Joe Jonas, seeing as he also happens to be Swift's ex. I wonder if his name came up?

The interview doesn't come out until Friday night, but promotional photos show the two sharing a couch. Swift is making an appearance to perform her new single, "ME!" while Turner is promoting her new film, X- Men: Dark Phoenix. But it seems necessary for the two to be asked about Jonas.

Swift was just on the Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this month, where she brought up the fact that she felt bad for putting Jonas "on blast" on DeGeneres' show back in 2008 by telling the audience that he broke up with her in a record-setting short phone call. But, according to Swift, she and Jonas are chill now, since it happened pretty long ago, which means she's probably already hung out with Turner and maybe even gossiped about him with her.

We can only hope that they get the chance to spill some tea on television.

Screenshot via YouTube, Photo Courtesy of HBO

"That's! His! Auntie!"

Leslie Jones has rewatched the Game of Thrones finale with a beer in hand, Seth Meyers at her side, and a full camera crew ready to take in all her glorious reactions. Spoilers ahead, but, if you haven't watched last week's episode already, that's kind of on you at this point.

When Jon Snow started to make out with Daenerys, also known as his aunt, only to stab her through the chest moments later, it was emotional whiplash for everyone watching. And, Jones' reactions—both from her first and second viewing—sum it all perfectly.

"That's! His! Auntie! [gagging noises]," Jones says before making an aside about calling the police if her uncle ever tried to do the same. But then the knife goes in, and Jones screams. "Did you see that?!" Jones asks, "Yeah bitch, that's a knife in you." Meyers points out the funniest part of all: "Why are you so upset about someone kissing their aunt but totally fine with someone killing their aunt?" Jones replies, "Because that bitch needed to go," and, well, same.

Other highlights from the comedians' rewatch include comparing Dany's victory speech to a bad improv gig, predicting that their dogs would have less of a reaction to their deaths than Drogon did to his mother's, and more.

Watch all of Jones' reactions from this Late Night clip below.

Game of Jones: Leslie Jones and Seth Watch Game of Thrones' Series Finale

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These lyrics are a lot

Robbie Tripp, aka Curvy Wife Guy, is back with a music video, titled "Chubby Sexy," starring his wife and a trio of models. In it, Tripp raps about his bold choice to find women with an average body size attractive.

The video begins with a series of statements laid over some pool water: "Curves are the new high fashion," "Chubby is the new sexy," "We Out Here." Tripp posits that these queens deserve an anthem, which they do. What they do not deserve is this Cursed Song. As he lists all the names he knows to call them by (thick, thicc, and BBW), one model (who I really, really hope was paid well) squirts some lotion down her cleavage, and Tripp begins dancing.

"My girl chubby sexy/ Call her bonita gordita," Tripp states in his chorus, before going on to compare "big booty meat" to the peach emoji. Another thing he mentions is that his wife can't find a belt that fits her waist, and that's why he calls her James and the Giant Peach. He then tries to dab. Here are some of the other Cursed highlights from his, uh, verses:

Got those Khaleesi curves/ Knows how to dragon slay
She like a dude that's woke/ We like a girl that's weighty
Some say a chubby girl that's risky/ But they ain't met a curvy girl that's frisky
Imma dunk that donk like I'm Andrew Wiggins.
Thick like an Amazon/ Built like Big Ben.

Tripp says one thing in the video that I couldn't agree more with: "She don't need a man." No, she does not. Please run. If you must, watch the entire video, below. Or send it to your nemesis!

Robbie Tripp - Chubby Sexy (Official Music Video)

Photo by Emma McIntyre / Getty Images.

See the promo here

It was bound to happen. The Kadashians and Jenners have committed themselves to letting the cameras roll on their lives, for better or for worse. So if you thought that the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson cheating scandal was off limits, you thought wrong. The trailer for Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was just released, and it involves the famous family working through the fallout of what happened when Woods went to a party at Thompson's house.

The teaser includes the infamous clip of Khloé Kardashian screaming "LIAAAARRRRRR." It's still not explicitly clear who prompted that strong response. She could be responding to Thompson, who clearly isn't always honest. Or she could be reacting to Woods account of the events on Red Table Talk. But the most revealing moment comes when we see Kylie Jenner—who was Woods' best friend before all of this happened—react for the first time.

In a heart-to-heart conversation, momager Kris Jenner says, "For you and Jordyn, it's like a divorce." Kylie only offers this in response: "She fucked up." Based on Woods' version of events—which I'm inclined to believeThompson is the one who fucked up. Still, I'm hoping for some kind of reconciliation between the two longtime friends. Perhaps we'll have to wait until next season for that.

Check out the promo video below.