These Are The Body Positive Lingerie Brands You Should Know

Photo courtesy of True&Co.

It’s all about self-love

Lingerie has power. While it may be something designed to be hidden, it's no coincidence that lingerie is kept close to the heart; after all, what other clothing item has the potential to make us feel good about showing off our bodies?

But not all power is deployed responsibly. Many of today’s lingerie brands—especially those produced by giant corporations—prioritize a specific, model-thin body type and solely advertise unrealistic beauty ideals. The good news is that there are other companies working to bring diversity into the lingerie world, labels that promote bodies of all sizes, colors, and shapes.

And since it's almost Valentine’s Day, what better moment to chat with these very brands about the power of self-love?

Below, read about how six advocates of body positivity are changing the industry and how women look at themselves in the mirror. These labels are feminist, and while they don’t exist to sell sex, that doesn't mean they're not sexy. They are the brands we should be embracing and, more importantly, buying.

Photo courtesy of Lonely

New Zealand-based label Lonely is what the luxury lingerie market has been missing. Helene Morris and Steve Ferguson founded the brand back in 2009 to offer luxury lingerie (and, more recently, swim and loungewear) to an inclusive range of body types and sizes. Their pieces are sensuous and romantic while suitable for every body.

Lonely is also behind the empowering Lonely Girls Project, a photo series that captures the creatives that embody the Lonely spirit in their natural habitats—embracing their unique, unretouched bodies in their favorite feel-good pieces.

“Constantly chasing ‘perfection’ is so time-consuming, expensive, and stops us from living in the present,” says Morris. “If we’re able to see ourselves with positivity, rather than see our perceived negatives, it really can be life-changing. We’re then able to reflect our positivity and help others to feel this way. Valentine’s Day is a great way to encourage women to be kinder to ourselves, and we can then, in turn, be kinder to those we love.”