Camille Trust’s Soulful New Video Is Girl Group Dance Perfection

Photo via YouTube

Dance your heart out to “Lose You”

In case you've found yourself dreaming about doo-wop inspired dance moves lately, Camille Trust’s new video for “Lose You” will fulfill all your choreographic needs. The second single off of her EP, No Other Way, “Lose You” captures the very relatable struggle of balancing a career and romance—specifically in a chaotic city like NYC.

“I wanted to come from a very real place," Trust told us. "I'm learning more and more that the more honest you are with yourself, and the more honest you are with your lyrics, that’s what going to really reach out and connect with other people, because people relate to real shit and real feelings and real emotions.” 

The video breaks into three different parts: the bedroom scene where Trust lays very vulnerable and exposed, the doo-wop scene featuring the three girls in blue slip dresses that pays homage to The Supremes, and a warehouse dance scene with Beyoncé-esque choreography. Trust says she worked with female director Jamie Dack to make sure that each scene came across as she envisioned it. The bedroom scene is meant to “display who we are alone in bed, not all glammed up, just you in your skin,” whereas the doo-wop scene is more “who you are expected to be in your life.” As for the warehouse scene, Trust describes it as embodying “your most idealized self; the warehouse scene is like, ‘Here we are, bitch, welcome home.’” 

Stylistically, the video's hot-and-cold color contrasts also played a big part in Trust's vision. Working with an almost all-woman team to bring the vision to fruition, Trust says she played with different color temperatures in an attempt to unify all the dancers. At the same time, the choreography was meant to create a domino effect. 

“I had this idea of a ripple effect to exemplify that this feeling happens individually to every person, and I wanted to visualize that reaction,” Trust explains. 

Check out the video for "Lose You," above, and click through the slideshow to see stills from the shoot. 

Photo by Justen Blaize