How The Chromat Casting Director Creates The Coolest Runway Of NYFW

Fashion Week

Get to know Gilleon Smith

Gilleon Smith is the casting director and backstage manager of the neon-filled, beautifully diverse Chromat runway that always steals the show at New York Fashion Week.

Recently, Smith elaborated on her casting process to NYLON. "They need to have a good walk, they need to have a good look," she told us, "but I would say the biggest thing for us is how they present themselves. It's really just an unspoken, unsaid feeling." While Chromat has been heralded for the increase in inclusivity on the runway, that wasn't necessarily the first thing on Smith's mind at the casting. "Really, it was just like, how could this dynamic individual not be in this show? To the core of it, it's just strong, powerful, amazing people who are really evoking a feeling in us instead of just being a hanger on the runway."

Get to know Smith and all the amazing work she's done at NYFW above.

Camera by Gretta Wilson, Dani Okon, Charlotte Prager
Edited by Charlotte Prager
Produced by Alex Hsie
Featuring Gilleon Smith for Chromat