Does Dylan Sprouse Have A Raw Chicken Kink?

Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images.

WTF is this GIF?

Dylan Sprouse—twin of Cole, maker of artisanal mead, and not a cast member on the CW's Riverdale—is the star of a brand new editorial with W magazine alongside his adorable model girlfriend Barbara Palvin.

As I scrolled through, expecting to learn all about what it's like to be two pretty famous, very hot people and, you know, date each other, I was stopped in my cyber tracks by a particularly jarring image. Buried beneath the series of '70s inspired images that would make your still VSCO obsessed friend's heart sing, was a GIF of Sprouse spreading the hind legs of a raw pink chicken.

If I could remove this image from my memory by scrubbing my eyes, or hitting my head against a very hard wall, I would! The way Sprouse's lips curl slightly up into a smirk as the camera pulls away and the once feather-covered chicken limbs spread, is nothing short of menacing. But on second, third, fifteenth watch I wondered... is there someone out there who is turned on by this? Are there die-hard Sprouse fans that would see this GIF and think, I wish I were that chicken? Is there such a thing as a raw chicken kink? Does *shudder* Sprouse himself have this kink?

I sure as hell hope not.

If you need to see it... if you really must... scroll away, my raw chicken loving friend.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

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