The 10 Best Fashion Films To Watch On Netflix Right Now

Photo Courtesy Of Netflix.

Queue them up before Fashion Month starts

New York Fashion Week is two days away. For those in the industry, the madness likely already started, with Men’s Fashion Week just having wrapped up last week. But for those not yet running around wearing four-inch heels in 30-degree weather with no tights, you have time to prepare yourself both physically and mentally by way of some fashionable films.

Unsurprisingly, a good number can be found on Netflix. Some might help inspire your wardrobe, others your career. All are worth carving out some time for in the following days. At the very least, they’ll give you things to discuss with your fashionable peers while you stand in line, after line, after line. Get your small talk talking points ready!

Photo Courtesy Of Netflix.

What would fashion be without Iris Apfel? A lot less colorful, that’s what. This documentary follows the 93-year-old legend while she shops, shows off her incredible collection of accessories and clothes, and discusses the quirks of life.