Just In Time For The Holidays, Glossier Launched A Customizable Makeup Set

Photo courtesy of Glossier

This is big

The internet's favorite beauty brand, Glossier, has finally answered our collective pleas for an expansive makeup set to go along with the brand's ever-popular Skincare Set—and just in time for the holidays.

Today, the brand launched the Makeup Set, which, according to the press release, will replace the Phase 2 set that it used to sell. The Phase 2 set consisted of a concealer and Generation G lipstick; the new iteration includes three of its most coveted products: the Boy Brow eyebrow gel, Lash Slick mascara, and Cloud Paint blush.

Customers will be able to essentially build their own set: You can choose which shades of Boy Brow and Cloud Paint you want to snag (Lash Slick only comes in one color, though). And at a cost of $40, you'll be saving $10 off the grand total of the three sold separately.

The brand also launched a You Look Good Pocket Mirror, which is a tiny iteration of Glossier's flagship mirror (yes, the one that you've seen all over Instagram). It comes with every purchase over $50 (with the promo code YOULOOKGOOD) and will also be sold separately for $10 while supplies last.

You can get the Makeup Set on Glossier's website.

Photo courtesy of GLossier

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