Lolly Adefope Is Obsessed With Watching Old Vines


I've never related to anything more

Lolly Adefope of Shrill tells us that when she's relaxing at home alone, she likes to turn on long Vine compilations, which is entirely relatable. Though Adefope mourned the loss of Vine, she's come to realize that part of her grieving process is watching extra-long compilation videos like "Vines I Want Played At My Funeral," and that doing so makes her feel much better.

In the video, above, Adefope shares some of her favorite Vines and mimics the classic "Oovoo Javer" video.

Illustrations by Mina Walker
Directed and Edited by Dani Okon
Shot by Charlotte Prager and Gretta Wilson
Produced by Alex Hsie