Twitter Is Pissed That Male Birth Control Is A Topical Gel

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"You're telling me I have to mob around with a pogo stick up my HEEEHEEE and all men have to do is apply some BB cream"

On Friday, a Gizmodo report revealed that the first clinical trial is underway for male birth control. Anyone who has had to use contraceptives for the female body, though, has been pretty enraged about the form that the birth control comes in: a topical gel.

The gel, which is a combination of testosterone and the drug Nestorone, a progestin hormone, is being tested on 420 "healthy and young" heterosexual couples. Gizmodo wrote that the men will be told to use the cream until "their sperm counts have plummeted to a point identified as infertility," at which point the couples will use the cream as their exclusive form of birth control. They will stop using the gel after a year, at which point the man's sperm levels will be tracked for six more months to make sure that the effects on sperm count are reversible.

The most important thing to note here is that the drug is non-invasive: As the Gizmodo report notes, men in the clinical trial are told to apply the gel to their arms and shoulders for 20 weeks. Meanwhile, women have been subjecting themselves to invasive, mood-altering medications for decades to ensure that they don't get pregnant. Of course, Twitter was quick to point that out.

Many noted how unfair it is that female birth control is so invasive, but male birth control seems like it's going to be a walk in the park.

It will probably be seamlessly incorporated in their routine, to be honest.

Others pointed out that "male birth control" has been around for ages, in less obvious ways.

My personal favorite tweet about the news points out that the best form of birth control is avoiding sex with men. Personally, as someone who has been doing this, I can say it works wonders.

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I'm cackling

Last year, Balenciaga released bright red square-toed mules which bore a striking resemblance to McDonald's french fry cartons. Now, the chain has fired back at the designer, threatening to release its own version of the shoes.

McDonald's Sweden posted a photo to its Instagram of a person wearing actual McDonald's fry cartons as shoes, and honestly, if there weren't yellow M's printed onto them, I'd have a hard time distinguishing them from the Balenciagas from a distance. Though the post doesn't directly reference the Balenciaga shoes, one can only assume that's who they are trolling.

McDonald's version actually makes for some pretty fly slip-ons, if you ask me. Good thing the Swedish branch of Mickey D's seems to be considering releasing the shoes if the post receives enough attention. The caption of the Instagram post translates to, "If we get 103042 likes we release these for real," though it only has about 17,000 as of publish time. These would likely cost much less than the Balenciaga shoes, which cost $545.

Internet, do your thing. I want a pair.



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It marks her third duet with Nas

Here are some words that I never expected to read or hear again: There is a new song with Amy Winehouse. But here we are in 2019, and Salaam Remi has granted me a wish. On Valentine's Day, the Grammy-nominated producer and frequent Winehouse collaborator (also responsible for hits like Miguel's "Come Through & Chill") released "Find My Love" which features rapper Nas and that powerful and haunting voice that I have come to love and cherish so dearly.

Representatives for Remi said that the Winehouse vocals were from an old jam session the two had. Remi was a producer on both of Winehouse's albums, Frank and Back to Black. "Find My Love" marks the third time Winehouse and Nas have done duets under the direction of Remi. They were previously heard together on "Like Smoke," a single from her 2011 posthumous album Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures, and "Cherry Wine" from Nas' 2012 album Life Is Good. Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011, before they could complete production on her third album. My heart is still broken about it as she is by far my favorite artist.

"Find My Love" is set to appear on Remi's Do It for the Culture 2, a collection of songs curated by him. Check it out, below.