See These Glowing Portraits For MOBI's "Take Pride" Campaign


It's the perfect way to celebrate Pride

This Pride month, Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative (MOBI) is rolling out MOBIfest: a three-day wellness festival from June 13 to 15 in New York City to celebrate contributions in fashion, music, entertainment, visual arts, and media by queer communities of color.

MOBIfest serves as a reward to members of the community who have taken action toward their health, wellness, and professional development. While some Pride festivities are driven by big names and even bigger ticket prices, MOBIfest events and programming are completely free for attendees who have attended a MOBI pre-festival activation or received a free health service from a MOBI partner site. Upcoming activations and a full list of community partners that offer free services for free VIP access to MOBIfest are listed on MOBI's website, here. Think of it as a queer take on Global Citizen Festival.

For its "Take Pride" campaign, MOBI asked members of the community to remember who they were before they found confidence in their identity. What did they need to cope with the teenage angst? Was it representation? What was that moment that liberated them and sparked their sexual enlightenment? What were those insecurities that would ultimately become their strengths? Their responses were reimagined into a campaign shoot powered by a team of queer people of color, featuring queer designers and those that support the community. MOBI's "Take pride" campaign portrays 30 models, influencers, creatives, and community members in that moment. It's a celebration of the moment we all became proud.

Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative (MOBI) curates experiences that celebrate the diversity of queer people of color while building community and promoting wellness and personal development. This is accomplished through the MOBIfest and its MOBItalks series with previous speakers including Michael Arceneaux, Karamo Brown, Kyle Hagler, Ty Hunter, Ben Cory Jones, DeRay McKesson, Emil Wilbekin, Patrik-Ian Polk, and Darnell Moore amongst others.

You can follow MOBI at @mobinyc for updates.

Wearing: VFILES jacket. Model's own top and shoes. VFILES shorts.


"I Take Pride in My Performance"

Wearing: ROA New York coat


"I Take Pride in My Femininity"

Wearing: Gauntlett Cheng shirt. Model's own top, turban, and jewelry.

BHAWK SNIPES @bhawksnipes

"I Take Pride in My Self"

Wearing: Shirt and jeans from The Phluid Project

CALVIN PLAY @calvinplay

"I Take Pride in My Art"

Wearing: Top and trousers from The Phluid Project


"I Take Pride in My Relationship"

Wearing: VFILES jean dress and model's own pants


"I Take Pride in My Creativity"

Wearing: Model's own top, skirt, jacket, and jewelry.

CHRISTOPHER NATAL @ricancleopatra

"I Take Pride in My Family"

Wearing: Models's own jewelry, top, and faux fur jacket

CORWIN JOSEPH @corwinofthrones

"I Take Pride in My Gender Expression"

Wearing: Jeantrix corset dress

DANIELLE YOO @danielleelvetia

"I Take Pride in My Trans Visibility"

Wearing: VFILES top. Model's own pants and jewelry.

DONTE SMITH @foreverdonte

"I Take Pride in My Androgyny"

Wearing: The Phluid Project top. Model's own hat and jewelry.


"I Take Pride in My Openness"

Wearing: The Phluid Project top. Model's own skirt and jewelry.


"I Take Pride in My Fluidity"

Wearing: Gauntlett Cheng shirt. Model's own top and sunglasses.


"I Take Pride in My Freedom"

Wearing: On Gerrell (right) - ROA New York shirt and pants. On Gianni - The Phluid Project shirtdress

GERRELL HANKTON @gerrellhankton

"I Take Pride in My Being"

Wearing: The Phluid Project shirtdress

GIANNI JONES @white.cocoa_

"I Take Pride in My Look"

Wearing: Model's own faux fur

ISA'AH @disaahb

"I Take Pride in My Expression"

Wearing: The Phluid Project harness and pants


"I Take Pride in My Independence"

Wearing: ROA New York shirt

JARI JONES @iamjarijones

"I Take Pride in My Fearlessness"

Wearing: The Phluid Project shirt and pants. Model's own gloves.

JARVIS GRIGGS @jgriggs_16

"I Take Pride in My Self-Awareness"

Wearing: Jeantrix leather jacket. Model's own top. The Phluid Project pants.


"I Take Pride in My Resilience"

Wearing: Model's own top, hat and shoes. VFILES pants.

KEVIN FERGUSON @kevinferg_

"I Take Pride in My Melanted Rainbows"

Wearing: Gauntlett Cheng top.

LAMAR ROGERS @lamahhhhh

"I Take Pride in My Black Unity"

Wearing: Bobby Day jacket. The Phluid Project T-shirt and pants.


"I Take Pride in My Unconditional Love"

Wearing: Jeantrix denim jacket. VFILES top. The Phluid Project skirt.

NATHANIEL URIAH @ijustakepics

"I Take Pride in My Self Love"

Wearing: The Phluid Project dress. Model's own shoes.

SABRINA CATES @sabrinadcates

"I Take Pride in My Vulnerability"

Wearing: On Sean - The Phluid Project denim jacket. Model's own hat. On Samir - VFILES jacket and pants.


"I Take Pride in My Spirit and Freedom"

Wearing: The Phluid Project corset. Model's own cape.

SONNY ORTIZ @sonnyo1989

"I Take Pride in My Intuition"

Wearing: Model's own hat, leather vest, and harness

TRISTAN GRANNUM @tristan.whithers

"I Take Pride in My Queer Dancers"

Wearing: Model's own hat and shirt.

VIC @vicnotvick

"I Take Pride in My Point of View"

Wearing: The Phluid Project blazer and pants


"I Take Pride in My Freedom"


Photographer: LaQuann Dawson @laquanndawson
Stylist: Beoncia Dunn @beonciadunn
Makeup Artist: Cirsty Burton @cirstyscloset
Designers: VFILES, Bobby Day, Jeantrix, Daniel Cloke, The Phluid Project, ROA, Gauntlett Cheng

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