Designer Andrea Jiapei Li Has Caught The Attention Of The Fashion World

Image courtesy of Andrea Jiapei Li

Get to know the New York-based designer

The following feature appears in the February 2017 issue of NYLON.

Since starting her namesake label in 2014, Andrea Jiapei Li has caught the fashion world’s attention, having been both a finalist for the 2015 H&M Design Award and a semifinalist for the 2015 LVMH Prize.

Her spring ‘17 collection, “Her Name Is Dada,” takes a cue from the early 20th-century movement pioneered by Marcel Duchamp. Li was inspired by the spirit of Dada, which she says embodies “the artistic process that goes against the norm.”

Here, get to know everything about Li, from her favorite fabrics to her snack of choice.

Astrological sign

Women who are not afraid to take risks, and who have an optimistic and playful attitude toward life

Materials of choice
Sportswear fabrics

Fun fact
I have an adorable pit bull mix named Luna. I adopted her last year just before fashion week—still not sure if that was good or bad timing!

Dream travel destinations
Japan and Los Angeles

Personal wardrobe staple
White cotton shirt

Favorite spot in New York
Chelsea—I love the galleries.

Last novel you loved
Since high school, I’ve always been more of a magazine girl.

Favorite film of all time
Paolo Sorrentino’s The Consequences of Love

Daily soundtrack
COS stores’ Soundcloud playlists

Drink order
Sparkling water

Standby snack
Cheetos and chips

Andrea Jiapei Li, available at H Lorenzo 

Image courtesy of Andrea Jiapei Li