You Cannot Be More Excited About SantaCon Than, Um, We Are

We haven't slept in weeks

New York Fashion week always brings out the style icons in our mix, but you haven't seen true street style unless you've been in New York City during SantaCon. As our beauty and fashion editor Jenna Igneri notes, the one-day event is"inarguably the most important fashion moment of the year." So don't argue with her!

This is a very special time of year for us, when our entire office goes into overdrive trying to predict trends, keep our readers up to date on exactly what you need to bring to the event (don't forget your cracked iPhone!), and making sure all our editors go to the right trashy bar crawls—we mean, the best parties.

This year, we thought we'd let you know what goes into our preparations for the holiday. People who don't like SantaCon don't really get it.


Written by Dani Okon
Shot by Dani Okon and Gretta Wilson
Produced by Alexandra Hsie
Edited by Dani Okon