The 10 Best Books To Read This February


Reading is cool

Well, hello again! If you've finished reading all our favorite books published this past January, don't worry, because we've got 10 more excellent books for you to check out this month! Read one, read them all—some, like Terese Marie Mailhot's powerful Heart Berries, can be read in a single sitting; others, like Tayari Jones' epic An American Marriage, will take more of your time. But all these books will leave a mark on you, take you to new places you've never gone before.

The House of Impossible Beauties by Joseph Cassara (available February 6)
This fierce, devastating, wildly gorgeous debut takes place in New York City's 1980s and '90s Harlem ball scene, a place where gay and transgender kids and adults could go to express themselves as themselves. It was a world full of glamour and glitter—and not a little grittiness—where tackiness and beauty took on totally new heights. It was also a place where addiction and violence were a normal part of life, and AIDS was just beginning to make its horrific presence felt. Cassara takes readers there with enviable skill; it's impossible not to feel utterly transported, to feel the hum of the music in your cells, to vibrate with the energy of the time and place, with all its attendant exhilarating highs and devastating lows.